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Tech Raven Consulting
Empowering Your Business through Technology Solutions

With a strong foundation in open sourcewe support clients in defining and achieving their goals in: 

♦ AI

♦ Geospatial Data and Analytics

♦ Data Science

♦ Cloud Native Applications

♦ Developer Relations                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

We deliver value by bringing over 20 years of hands-on experience creating the right solution for each client.

Emphasizing teamwork and innovation, we help you navigate the complexities of technology to elevate your business. We understand the value of trust and collaboration in achieving your business goals. 

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Our Services

Beyond advising and strategy, Tech Raven is available for:

Training - From university classes to giving workshops for over 100 people, we pride ourselves on helping countless people gain a better understanding of technology 

♦ Documentation - Technical books, developer portals, and hands on tutorials are just a few of the documentation services we can provide

 Public Speaking - We can cover everything from C-Suite briefings to engaging demo filled keynotes for thousands, from high level concepts down to deeply technical topics 

 Hands-on Technical Work - We have created solutions throughout the technical life cycle of a project, including applications for data capture, data ingestion, data cleaning, analysis, and report preparation

Whether you're looking to enhance your team's skills, share industry insights through compelling talks, seeking advice on technology strategies, or require hands-on technical expertise, our versatile approach ensures we meet your unique needs. 

Areas of Expertise

These are the areas where we bring deep knowledge and experience. We also stay on top of industry developments to ensure we provide the most appropriate advice for your needs. 


In the dynamic sphere of AI, we provide comprehensive expertise and innovative solutions to harness the potential of data-driven insights. Our consultancy services encompass AI development, algorithm optimization, and the integration of machine learning models into your business processes. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies like transformers. vector databases, deep learning frameworks, and natural language processing, we empower organizations to enhance decision-making, automate tasks, and stay ahead in today's competitive landscape.

​Geospatial Data and Analytics

Our Geospatial consulting and commitment to open-source solutions empower businesses to visualize and understand location-based information effectively. Leveraging our expertise in open-source geospatial technologies, such as PostGIS, QGIS, and GeoParquet, we enable you to capture, analyze, and derive insights from spatial data. This facilitates data-driven decisions, optimizing operations, reducing costs, and enhancing the overall customer experience. Our open-source GIS solutions provide cost-effective and scalable options aligned with your business strategy.

​Data Science

Within the domain of Data and Analytics, our focus lies in architecting robust data infrastructures and implementing advanced analytical techniques to drive actionable insights. We specialize in designing scalable data pipelines, employing statistical modeling, and leveraging visualization tools to uncover hidden patterns and trends. We build the solution tailored to your needs, it might be MSFT Access, or it could involve a complete DataOps solution. Through the utilization of open-source platforms such as PostgreSQL, R, and PyTorch, we enable organizations to extract maximum value from their data assets, optimize operations, and foster innovation.

​Cloud Native Applications

Specializing in guiding businesses through the adoption of cloud-native applications and open-source solutions, our consultants bring hands-on experience in leveraging cloud technologies and open-source ecosystems. This enhances agility, scalability, and cost-efficiency for your software development projects. Containers, Kubernetes, and Microservices are just some of the tools used.  Navigating the complexities of the cloud and open-source landscape, we empower you to deliver innovative applications and streamline your development processes. 

​Developer Relations

Our Developer Relations consulting services are the cornerstone of collaborative success. We specialize in building trust and strong relationships with developers and communities.
Our overarching goal is to making developers happy and successful on your product or project. 
Leveraging our insights into developer needs, we guide you in creating products and services that resonate with developers throughout their developer journey with you.   Trust is at the heart of our approach, ensuring a lasting and fruitful partnership with your development community.

Why choose us?

At Tech Raven Consulting, we believe in working closely with you right from the start. Our team is skilled at building relationships and understanding your needs. We blend our industry know-how with technical expertise to guide you through any technology challenges, helping your business move forward. We focus on teamwork and creativity, making sure you understand and benefit from the latest in technology.